“When we started our business we happened to stumble across the Innovation Center with the help of a board member. This was a perfect opportunity for us to get our business up and started. CVIC has offered us plenty of help and classes; everything from the business side to safety classes and warehouse setups. This is our last year here and we will miss the people who have helped us along the way.”  Selective Countertops

It’s time for you to write your own success story.

Learn about the Application Process 

How does this work?


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Submit an Application

Apply to become a tenant to the Chippewa Valley Innovation Center. Applications are reviewed in the order that they come in. Decisions are based on eligibility and available space in the incubation center.

Rent for up to 3 Years

If accepted, tenants are able to rent out the amount of manufacturing and/or office space that they need for up to three years. Each year, rent is increased slightly until tenants are paying market values for their space.

Grow & Expand

During your time in the CVIC, you have access to programs and assistance to help your company transition from a new start-up to an established business. Tenants graduate from CVIC when they outgrow their space or after 3 years – whichever happens first.

Move to a Regular Facility

Because of the incremental increases of rent, at the end of the three years graduates are able to relocated and pay market price for their new spaces without experiencing a significant increase of overhead costs.

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